1975 Benelli 250 2C

YEAR 1975
COLOUR Silver Metallic
ENGINE 231cc Two Stroke Twin
FUEL TYPE Unleaded Petrol
BODY STYLE Motorcycle


The Benelli 250 2C is a two-stroke, twin-cylinder motorcycle which followed the layout of the popular Japanese bikes in this class. With a 56 mm bore and 47 mm stroke, the engine actually displaces 231cc from which is extracted 30 bhp at 8000 rpm. This power gave the small Benelli a top speed of 90 mph and a fuel consumption of 45 mpg.
The frame is of duplex design and the suspension is conventional in every sense. However, the 250 2C was so well designed that the handling and road holding are of the highest order.
This superb example is perfect in every way being a first series with drum brakes both front and rear, and having been fully refurbished and rebuilt by Italian Motorcycle specialists less than 3 years ago, this amazing example really is delightful to view and hear.


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